Traditional 商用咖啡豆

With the ‘Traditional’ product range, we deliver coffee experiences you have come to love while staying true to the value of Lacàph. Working with some of Vietnam’s top farmers, we select sustainably produced beans and roast these at our best-in-class roasting facilities. 


Traditional Filter Blend
 (100% Arabica) - 1000g 

Versatile and with delicious sophistication for Traditional Filter Blend, we selected gorgeous Arabica beans for notes of citrus with a juicy mouthfeel.
Filter Traditional  Blend 選用優阿拉比卡豆,美味柑橘等味精緻地充滿味蕾。


Traditional Espresso Blend  
(70 % Arabica, 30% Robusta) -1000g 

Delivering an Italian ‘kick’, for Traditional Espresso Blend we married wonderful Arabica and Robusta beans for notes of brown sugar and raisins with a creamy mouthfeel.

 Espresso Traditional Blend 帶來意式風味,結合阿拉比卡咖啡豆和羅布斯塔咖啡豆,帶來葡萄乾香氣,更帶油般的口感。


 Traditional Phin Blend   (100% Robusta) -1000g 

Celebrating Cà phê Phin nostalgia, for Traditional Phin Blend we roasted exceptional Robusta beans for notes of cacao nibs and nuts with a syrupy mouthfeel.

 Phin Traditional  Blend 烘焙了優質的羅布斯塔咖啡豆,散發出可可豆粒和堅果的風味之外,更帶糖漿般的口感


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名稱: Sarah Tong 

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